Waratah HTH625C

When we set out to build the most innovative head on the market, we turned to the real experts: you. Input from real-world loggers drove the creation of this high-performance 625C harvesting and processing head that delivers the ultimate in productivity, durability, and serviceability. When it comes to feed performance it easily handles 35” wood and has exceptional tree control and delimbing with twin bottom delimb arms. It’s complemented by a continuous 360-degree rotation option making wasted motion a thing of the past. Other features include a 3/4” main saw with auto tension, a 3/4” top saw, and smart maintenance features that reduce downtime and improve serviceability. This head will help maximize your productivity.
Beyond the state-of-the-forest head itself, leave it to our loggers to dream up some new serviceability features, like a larger oil reservoir, easier service-point access, improved locking-pin design, and a remote hydraulic test block. The new HTH625C Harvester Head is designed by Waratah and our customers to deliver ultimate performance and easy service. And — with the 360-degree rotator option — you owe it to yourself to take one for a spin.
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Manufactured By: Waratah
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