Waratah H424

Characterized by its consistent performance and skill set in second thinnings and early regeneration cuttings, the versatile H424 is equally suited for processing or debarking applications. Specially designed for mid-sized wheeled and tracked machines, this head features an excellent power-to-weight ratio and compact size – making it highly maneuverable.

With its powerful and slip-free four-wheel-drive feeding, the H424’s proven high-performance valve provides efficient hydraulic oil flow and head control.

Its mainframe has high durability, with a reinforced saw box, increased tilt angle and an optional heavy-duty (HD) tilt frame for tracked applications. Feed roller arms feature durable bearings, built-in feed roller guards, and strengthened cylinders and pins, with new hose routing increasing durability of feed motor hosing.

The highly efficient SuperCut 100S saw unit with automatic chain lubrication and tensioning has a maximum felling diameter of 620 mm (24.4 in.), giving the H424 superb performance from early thinnings up to early regeneration felling. Four moving delimbing knives, along with one fixed top knife and one fixed back knife, ensure excellent delimbing quality for all stem diameters.

Product Sheet H424 Product Sheet 400 Series
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Manufactured By: Waratah
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