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"Original. Loyal. Well-Built."

As a true visionary and pioneer in the forestry industry, we embrace quality craftsmanship, business relationships, and loggers needs. Incorporated in 1989, we are recognized worldwide for revolutionizing the forestry industry through development of the Quad Tooth System® as well as other valuable products used by loggers every day.
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Product Categories: Felling Heads Harvesting / Processing Heads & Grapple Processors High Speed Saws Intermittent Saws Mulchers / Mowers / Road & Land Clearing
Brochures: Quadco 18C Quadco 20SC Quadco 22B Quadco 22C Quadco 22CP Quadco 22SC Quadco 2440-QU Quadco 24B Quadco 24C Quadco 24CP Quadco 27224-DT Quadco 27B Quadco 27SC Quadco 2900-QU Quadco 32-QDM Quadco 45-QDM Quadco 5660-QU Quadco 56-QDM Quadco 7224-HT Quadco 7320-DT Quadco 7320-HT Quadco QB2500 Quadco QB3200 Quadco QB3500 Quadco QB4400