Eco Log 584F

The Eco Log 584F belongs to the new range of F-forwarders developed for high comfort and easy servicing for an effecient forestry:

Loading capacity of 16 tonnes.
The driveline of the machine has a powerful bogie customized for the high traction and load capacity that distinguishes Eco Log 584F from other forwarders of the same size.
A standard pump displacement of 175 cubic centimeters (cc) or optional 210-cc pump (10,7 cubic inches or optional 12,8 cu. in.) enables the unit to be used wit
Product Sheet F Series(574 584 594)
Manufactured By: Eco Log
Product Categories: Forwarders Rubber Tired Harvester
Category Products: Eco Log 574E Eco Log 574F Eco Log 584F Eco Log 594F Eco Log 750F Eco Log 1050F Eco Log 1250F
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