Cranab FC53

Cranab FC53 is the crane of choice for small forwarders or large forestry wagons. It is also well-suited for direct mounting on large agricultural tractors. Uncompromising design in combination with Cranab’s production quality give FC53 the best possible footing.
The crane has been designed using the highest quality materials, well dimensioned bearing seatings and cylinders developed for intensive work. Protected hose routing and high quality hoses ensure little downtime and trouble free operations. A slewing motor with double gear racks allow for exact positioning as well as a long life.
Cranab FC53 is a crane designed for those seeking a fast, small crane with the feautures of a large crane.
Cranab FC53 Brochure
Manufactured By: Cranab
Product Categories: Grapples & Grapple Saws Harvester & Forwarder Cranes Stationary Cranes Truck Cranes
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