Cranab FC45

The Cranab FC45 is developed with the professional demands of the forest in mind, with quality down to the finest detail. It is suitable for smaller forwarders and agricultural tractors.
The Cranab FC45 is available in two versions, with either a single or double telescopic outer boom. The latter offers excellent reach, for thinning. The linking outer boom ensures a wide field of movement, with equal power throughout the entire area. The construction is robust yet light, and is suited to many different kinds of application. The slewing assembly naturally has double slewing cylinders for extra power.
As always, Cranab’s well-routed hosing provides superior operating reliability and fluidity. Various valve options can be supplied, mounted in a practical way directly on the foot of the crane.
Cranab FC45 Brochure
Manufactured By: Cranab
Product Categories: Grapples & Grapple Saws Harvester & Forwarder Cranes Stationary Cranes Truck Cranes
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