Eltec 310 Series

NULLThe ELTEC 310 Series are designed and purpose-built to deliver high productivity, consistent with the demands of a 24 hour-a-day, 7 days-a-week final felling application.

The high capacity in combination with the compact makes the ELTEC FB317L able to handle a variety of different demanding harvesting applications with great performance.

This new version of the ELTEC 310 Series also features extremely robust and resistant heavy-duty tilt system. It has a larger tilt angle, guaranteeing that the feller-buncher works at the right angle even in extreme forestry conditions.
Moreover, the tilt adjustment allows you to set the platform at the best angle in order to provide the best options for logging application. Well-designed structures and highest quality materials ensure durability with excellent capacity-to-weight ratio.

On ELTEC 310 Series feller-bunchers and harvesters, air cleaning is performed in two stages: cyclone-type integral pre-cleaner and filter. The variable speed, reversible cooling fan is electronically controlled and hydraulically driven to reduce fuel consumption and noise. This feature makes ELTEC 310 Series not only highly performing feller-bunchers, but also environmentally friendly.
Operator comfort and safety are key highlights of this feller-buncher as it features the newly designed, extremely operator friendly ELTEC 310 Series cab. All ELTEC Feller Harvesters have a soundproof and insulated cab equipped with a pneumatic suspension heated seat with multiple adjustments. The front full-height 32mm (1.25’’) polycarbonate window provides a peerless overview of the work area. To ensure superior comfort, ELTEC Feller-Harvesters feature a high-capacity, integrated HVAC system with multiple adjustable airflows. The radio with a CD player and USB port are also available.

The ELTEC cab features a multi-adjustable air suspension seat, an enhanced operator comfort system and easy to read displays providing real time information on all machine functions. The spacious engine compartment with steel catwalks is designed to simplify service and maintenance. Once opened, the hood is transformed into a platform for component service. The filtration system is accessible for cartridge replacement. Excellent access to batteries is available as well. ELTEC 310 Series’ high productivity, reliability and great ergonomics make work a pleasure.
Product Sheet 310 Series Product Sheet Leveler
Manufactured By: Eltec
Product Categories: Log Loaders Track Harvesters & Bunchers
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