Waratah CF5

Waratah offers purpose-built forwarder booms and cranes. These forestry booms and cranes dramatically increase the working zone and ability to work close to the carrier, as well as provide optimum height and lift capacity.

Maximum productivity. Minimal downtime. You need equipment that can take on the big jobs – and that’s durable enough to keep going day after day. Whatever it takes, as long as it takes, to get the job done.

That combination – as versatile as they are strong, as reliable as they are rugged – is what Waratah Attachments are all about. We know that spending hours on repairs is money out of your pocket. So we design, test, and build each attachment to work when facing the challenges of the woods. All to keep you productive and competitive – and ultimately boost your bottom line.

From harvesting and processing heads to booms and cranes to measuring systems, Waratah offers the most comprehensive range of products in the forestry industry. And by continually refining our products and processes, with a focus on increased mechanization and technology application, we’ve built a reputation in global forestry. We’re built to work. Period.
Product Sheet CF5 Product Sheet CH6
Manufactured By: Waratah
Product Categories: Felling Heads Harvester & Forwarder Cranes Harvesting / Processing Heads & Grapple Processors
Category Products: Cranab FC6 Cranab FC8 Cranab FC10 Cranab FC13 Cranab FC16 Cranab FC45 Cranab FC53 Cranab HC185 Waratah CF1 Waratah CF5 Waratah CF7 Waratah CF8 Waratah CH6 Waratah CH7 Waratah CF7S Waratah CH95 Waratah CH175 Waratah CH135S
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