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Shop Benchmade Knife Company Products for a wide selection of high-performance Everyday Carry (EDC), Hunt, Rescue, Tactical, Outdoor, and Survival knives.    Benchmade Knives News


Clark Tracks in Dumfries manufacture forest machine tracks for Harvesters, Forwarders & Skidders. Suitable for Eco Log, Ponsse, Komatsu, John Deere and Tigercat.   


Cranab manufacturers world-class forwarders, harvesters, cranes and grapples for forestry and recycling.
Cranab’s factories are located in Vindeln (Sweden).    Cranab News

Grapples & Grapple Saws

Cranab CT Grapples Cranab Grapples

Harvester & Forwarder Cranes

Cranab FC Brochure Cranab FC45 Brochure Cranab FC53 Brochure Product Sheet HC185

Stationary Cranes


Truck Cranes

Cranab Truck Crane Cranab Truck Crane TZ18


The mission of Eltec is to support loggers and contribute to the continued success of their projects. Eltec has all tools for that!
High Technology Equipment manufactured in Quebec.   

Log Loaders

Product Sheet Leveler Product Sheet Log Loaders

Track Harvesters & Bunchers

Product Sheet 220 Series Product Sheet 270 Series Product Sheet 310 Series Product Sheet 410 Series Product Sheet Leveler


Green mountain grills,  top-of-the-line wood pellet bbq grills and barbecue grill accessories.
Premium barbecue smoker pellet grills make grilling easy.   

Grills & Pellets

Operating Manual Choice Grills Operating Manual Prime Grills No Wifi Operating Manual Prime Grills Wifi Product Sheet 2019 Prime and Choice Grills Product Sheet Big Pig


Ever since 1928, Huldtins' been developing products to make machine contractors productive. Hultins tries to meet the needs of today while predicting the needs of tomorrow. This is something they can do best by working in the forest in both practice and theory.    Huldtins News

Grapples & Grapple Saws

Product Sheet MultiGrip Product Sheet Supergrip



Log Max designs and manufactures high quality and highly productive harvesting heads to fit your every need.    Log Max News

Harvesting / Processing Heads & Grapple Processors

Product Catalog 2019 Product Sheet 6000V


We forge bright ideas.

Olofsfors AB is an internationally successful export company which develops and produces tracks for forestry machines and cutting edges and wear bars for construction machines.
Founded in 1762, Olofsfors is one of Sweden’s oldest.    Olofsfors News


Original. Loyal. Well-Built.

As a true visionary and pioneer in the forestry industry, we embrace quality craftsmanship, business relationships, and loggers needs. Incorporated in 1989, we are recognized worldwide for revolutionizing the forestry industry through development of the Quad Tooth System® as well as other valuable products used by loggers every day.   

Felling Heads

Product Sheet QB2500 Product Sheet QB3200 Product Sheet QB3500 Product Sheet QB4400

High Speed Saws

Product Sheet 18C Product Sheet 20SC Product Sheet 22B Product Sheet 22C Product Sheet 22CP Product Sheet 24B Product Sheet 24CP Product Sheet 27B Product Sheet 27SC

Intermittent Saws

Product Sheet 2400 Product Sheet 2900

Mulchers / Mowers / Road & Land Clearing

Product Sheet 45QDM Product Sheet 56QDM


Developing and manufacture world-class cranes and grapples for professional use.
Slagkraft builds road clearance machines for the people who make our roads safer.    Slagkraft News

Mulchers / Mowers / Road & Land Clearing

Product Sheet SH TW Product Sheet W180 Slagkraft


Southstar, the original multi-stemming tree processor manufacturer. Designed from the ground up resulting in unmatched productivity.    Southstar News

Felling Heads

Product Sheet FD750

Harvesting / Processing Heads & Grapple Processors

Product Sheet QS450 Product Sheet QS500 Product Sheet QS505 Product Sheet QS600 Product Sheet QS605 Product Sheet QS630 Product Sheet QS635


From harvesting and processing heads to booms and cranes to measuring systems, Waratah offers the most comprehensive range of forestry equipment in the forestry industry.    Waratah News

Felling Heads

Product Sheet 600 Series Product Sheet FL100

Harvesting / Processing Heads & Grapple Processors

Product Sheet 200 Series Product Sheet 400 Series Product Sheet 600 Series Product Sheet H212 Product Sheet H215E Product Sheet H219 Product Sheet H270 Series II Product Sheet H412 Product Sheet H413 Product Sheet H415 Product Sheet H415HD Product Sheet H424 Product Sheet H480C Product Sheet HTH622B Series-III Product Sheet HTH623C LP Technical Data H480C
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