Loftness Kwik-Trim

Loftness gave the Kwik-Trim a boost with a new 47.6-horsepower turbocharged engine. This powerful, fuel-efficient engine meets tier 4 compliance, but doesn't require diesel exhaust fluid (DEF). That means you get plenty of power and efficiency without any of the hassle of using DEF. Utilizing the newly designed Takeuchi TB260 power unit platform, the Kwik-Trim is approximately 800 pounds heavier, 7 inches wider and 7 inches longer than the previous model. The heavier weight and expanded operating footprint maximize safety by providing enhanced stability on uneven terrain. Nonetheless, the unit is still compact enough to access tight areas and light enough to be towed behind a pickup. But that's not all. The Kwik-Trim now offers easier access to hydraulic components for reduced maintenance, easier preparation for road transport, and a more conveniently located winch with live hydraulic controls.
The Kwik-Trim uses an industry-standard 24-inch carbide-tipped saw blade. It operates at 3,000 RPM, making quick work of branches.

The specialized design of the hose reel mount eliminates the need for external boom support during transport. This speeds the process of prepping the machine for transport.

The 12,000-pound hydraulic winch is conveniently located at the front center of the machine. It has its own hydraulic circuit, making it ready to be operated from inside the cab whenever needed.

Despite its compact size, the Kwik-Trim provides maximum stability on difficult terrain. The Takeuchi TB260 power unit has a wide stance and low center of gravity, allowing the unit to safely access most areas.

Unlike large-scale mechanical trimmers, the Kwik-Trim doesn't require a lowboy trailer and semi truck for transport. Weighing only 14,000 pounds, it can be towed with a pickup and standard trailer. This allows crews to maneuver more easily on tight jobsites, while keeping a lower profile.

The Kwik-Trim produces low ground pressure, makes little noise and has a small footprint, making it more acceptable in residential areas than larger trimming equipment.

Variable displacement piston pumps and custom valving provide smooth, precise hydraulic control of the boom. Other standard features include a large capacity oil cooler for maximum reliability and an easy access panel to hydraulic components, eliminating the need to tilt the cab for maintenance

The Kwik-Trim provides a safe, comfortable operating experience in the climate-controlled cab.
- Custom full-view bronze tinted, 1/2-inch thick polycarbonate windows throughout
- Fully adjustable seat
- Heat and air conditioning
- AM/FM radio and auxiliary audio jack
- Cupholder
- ROPS, FOPS and OPS certified
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