Cranab TZ18

The cranes have been specially produced for trucks and consist of modern, tried-and-tested technologies and world-class hydraulics. In our development work we have focused on the operator, contractors and the environment. We have put great emphasis into the industry-leading key properties of performance, high productivity and sustainability.

With Cranab's Z-crane you will achieve high productivity from the outset. The crane extends quickly and enables efficient production using extensively tested hydraulics and leading operating properties. Thanks to its compact design and the Z-crane's unique parking position the operator is able to take a maximum load every time.
Cranab Truck Crane TZ18
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Manufactured By: Cranab
Product Categories: Harvester & Forwarder Cranes Truck Cranes Grapples & Grapple Saws Stationary Cranes
Category Products: Cranab TL12 Cranab TZ12 Cranab TZ18
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